So you drafted Melvin Ingram

By drafting Melvin Ingram, you drafted one of the most versatile defensive playmakers in the draft. Ingram is a super athletic playmaker who can come in and make a difference right away in a bunch of ways. He can play right end, left end, he bulked up to 280 pounds and played defensive tackle last year and he’s athletic and instinctive enough to play any linebacker spot in some schemes.

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You got yourself a new Mark Barron?

By drafting Mark Barron you just added an enforcer to the back half of your defense. There are questions regarding his durability and athleticism but he’s probably the safest safety prospect in the draft. Bottom line, you get a big, hard-hitting safety who can play the run as well as anyone and be a weapon on blitzes. But perhaps the most appealing thing about Mark Barron is that he knows his role, he plays smart and he functions well as a piece of a greater whole.

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So you drafted Chandler Jones

"You like me, right?"

Ever heard the phrase “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”? Oh, you have? Well then meet Chandler Jones. Some people can’t stop talking about how great he is, others can’t stop talking about how overrated he is. Let me show you what I’m talking about.

Josh Norris, draft writer for Rotoworld, doesn’t like him much.

Ryan Riddle, former NFL player and budding draft nik doesn’t see much to like either.

In general, draftniks present a unified front against Chandler Jones.

But then the experts and NFL Draft types just can’t get enough.

Mike Mayock says he’s the 9th best player in the draft. 

7. Mark Barron, SS, Alabama
8. Stephon Gilmore, CB, South Carolina
9. Chandler Jones, DE, Syracuse
10. Justin Blackmon, WR, Oklahoma State

Greg Cosell projected him to the Eagles in his full meta mock draft saying:

With that said, the pick is Chandler Jones from Syracuse. Jones has an intriguing combination of size, length and athletic movement. I think of Eagles defensive line coach Jim Washburn, and I could easily envision Washburn looking at Jones, and seeing a better version of Jason Jones, whom Washburn coached in Tennessee for 3 years.

Mike Lombardi, NFL analyst and former NFL general manager has even gone so far as to compare Chandler Jones to Jason Pierre-Paul.

And the ESPN talking heads just loooooooove Chandler Jones. Todd McShay says that “I think the most underrated player maybe in the entire draft and certainly among defensive linemen is Chandler Jones.” And Mel Kiper said this in a mock draft earlier this month:

Listed as a defensive end at Syracuse, Jones has the talent, upside and a great frame to make the move to OLB in a pass-rushing role. He’s still a little raw, but the instincts are there and offensive linemen have a really tough time getting their hands on him. Could blossom into a star for the Chargers.

And ESPN’s third wheel Kevin Weidl loves Chandler Jones just as much.

Opinions, everyones got one. But not all opinions are created equal and one side of this debate is going to end up looking smarter a few years down the line. Which side? I’ll throw my opinion hat into the ring after the page break.

So you drafted Quinton Coples

So you drafted Quinton Coples. What are you getting? That is a really good question. Are you getting a spoiled, big time talent with work ethic issues? Or are you getting a guy who is a victim of bad circumstances at North Carolina? Are you getting a defensive end or a defensive tackle? Who knows. But what you can know is that you’re getting a very talented player with a bunch of potential and positional versatility.

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Brian Dawkins retires from the NFL

Brian Dawkins, one of the greatest safeties in NFL history just retired from the NFL on twitter. I’m thrilled that I don’t have to see him in that horrible Bronco orange but I’m sad that my favorite player ever is leaving the NFL. Here is what Dawkins had to say:

The Lord has blessed me to play in the NFL for 16 years. I would like to thank the Eagles & the Broncos 4 believing In me. I would like 2 thank all my teammates & Coaches that I have been blessed 2 go to battle with. Along with u, the fans 4 helping make my career 1 that i have enjoyed tremendously. In other words. I am announcing my retirement from the NFL. #BBTB

I’m so happy to have watched Brian Dawkins play football. Years from now I’ll be a cranky old grandpa that bemoans the current state of the NFL and I’ll tell the youngsters all about Brian Dawkins and what he stood for. He was just a football player but he was more than that, wasn’t he? Listening to him speak was nothing less than a religious experience. He was always respectful. He was inspiring. He was hard working. He pulled no punches. And he cared, he cared about how well he played, how well the team played and how the fans were doing. Brian Dawkins isn’t just a football player, he’s a top notch person that just happened to play football and he did it well enough to become a Philadelphia icon. He’s the epitome of what a football player should act like on and off the field. He’s mentioned in the same breath as Chuck Bednarik, Reggie White and Steve Van Buren and he deserves nothing less; Brian Dawkins was the single most dominant Eagle I’ve ever seen with my own eyes.

I can’t even think of a single moment that defines Brian Dawkins’ career. Brian Dawkins is a transcendent football player that needs to be immortalized in the hallowed halls of Canton’s Pro Football Hall of Fame. He is an all time great on the field and he was a great person off of it too. Brian Dawkins was the heart and soul of a defense that helped propel the Eagles to 10 playoff wins in the 2000s. He was a player that played a huge role in setting up the foundation of a winning franchise with leadership ability and his take no prisoners mentality on the field.

So all I can say is this:
Thank you Brian Dawkins. Thank you for caring. Thank you for leaving your heart and soul on the field every game. Thank you for sacrificing your well being over and over again. Thank you for laying out Crumpler. Thank you for all the years that you dedicated to the Eagles. Thank you for everything B-Dawk, it was a blast. I’ll see you in Canton five years from now.

So you drafted Luke Kuechly

Congratulations, you just drafted a modern day Jack Lambert. Eagles nation should be popping champagne bottles, wearing party hats and letting out screams of pure elation and joy. Why? Because again, you just drafted a modern day Jack Lambert. You just stabilized the future of your defense by drafting an extremely talented and intelligent player who makes others around him better. He’s the Peyton Manning of linebackers, he isn’t a screaming, vocal presence like Ray Lewis or Brian Dawkins but he’s a tone setter, he sets the tone when watching film, he sets the tone in practice, he sets the tone on game day and he demands that guys play on his level.

Where do you even begin? Luke Kuechly is going to be great in my opinion. So how do I explain why I think he’ll be great? Lets give it a shot after the jump.

Report: The Eagles covet Michael Brockers

Its draft season, thats for sure. The misinformation is at an all time high (okay, maybe not but I did say it was misinformation season). If you listened to the buzz the Eagles covet Ryan Tannehill, Luke Kuechly, Fletcher Cox, Dontari Poe and Michael Brockers. Apparently, we’re set on drafting anyone if you listen to certain people. Heck, Bleacher Report writers would have you believe we’re targeting Michael Floyd and Stephon Gilmore! WE ARE GOING TO DRAFT EVERYONE.

But one guy with just a little credibility dropped this scoop a couple days back. Jason La Canfora wrote that the Eagles covet Michael Brockers:

NFL Network insider Jason La Canfora reported Thursday that both the Cowboys and Eagles could be eyeing LSU defensive tackle Michael Brockers in the first round. Dallas (picking 14th) and Philadelphia (one pick later) are both very high on Brockers and both have needs along their interior line.

“Teams see a lot of value in Brockers, you can move him around like a Richard Seymour-type,” La Canfora told Around The League. “Dallas and Philly have spent a lot of time with him.”


La Canfora then proceeds to note that either team could move up for him by putting together a deal with St. Louis, Arizona or Buffalo. He doesn’t not that Jacksonville and Carolina could also be potential trade partners as both are reportedly more than willing to trade down.

Michael Brockers has been training with Pete Jenkins this offseason and if that name sounds familiar, its because he used to coach our defensive line under Jim Johnson before he retired from the NFL. That’s certainly an interesting dynamic. He left on his own terms from the team and there seemingly wasn’t any bad blood between Jenkins and Reid. If Reid wanted some information on Brockers he’d just have to dial up his old pal Pete Jenkins.

And the only defensive tackle that Jim Washburn ever took in the first round was Albert Haynesworth out of Tennessee. Haynesworth played under John Chavis at UT and Michael Brockers played for John Chavis on LSU the past three years. That is probably just a coincidence but its an interesting little note.



So you drafted Michael Brockers.

You cannot escape Michael Brockers' 86 inch wingspan.

By drafting Michael Brockers you just drafted a dominant run stopper from one of the biggest and most prestigious college football programs in the entire country. Brockers showed that (at least in my opinion), the worst he is going to be is a guy who will help a run defense in a very big way. There is loads of potential in this young and still raw defensive tackle but he isn’t a lock to be an impact defender.

After the jump I’ll show you what I like about Brockers and what concerns me. But first, I’ll tell you exactly why we need a guy like Brockers.