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Delusion In Dallas

Tip of the hat to NorthPhillyKid on BGN

Haters to the left. Haters to the right. Haters everywhere! If you gathered all the NFL players and coaches in one room you could probably throw a pen and hit someone who has an issue with what the Eagles have done. Mario Manningham says, “”We don’t put nobody on a pedestal. We treat all our opponents the same even if they got a hundred dream teams it don’t matter.” Hakeem Nicks says that he “Can’t wait” to play the Eagles (paging Bart Scott!). Even Donovan McNabb has weighed in and per his expert analysis “The Eagles have problems…”. But that’s all well and good, I’m not expecting players to bow down to us and if the Giants weren’t pumped about playing the Eagles I would be worried about them. But one team in particular has gone off the deep end: The Dallas Cowboys.