Shoulder Pad GuyAt the behest of @FanSince09, I am documenting the twitter meltdown that occurred on November 28, 2012. Gather round as I recount this glorious night.

If you are an Eagles fan, you probably recognize the man on the right. He’s been seen booing the selection of Donovan McNabb on ESPN, he’s been on TV crying when Brian Dawkins left Philadelphia and he gets a pretty decent amount of face time simply because of how absurd he is. But what you probably didn’t realize was that this crazed, attention starved man didn’t have a twitter so someone took the liberty of making a parody account that mocks Shaun (that’s his name).

It all started at approximately 8:48 EST on November 27th as some unknown genius created an account named “@ShoulderPadsGuy”. Little did this unnamed person know, he would set off a twitter fire storm that ended up involving Brian Dawkins, Hugh Douglas, a slew of Philadelphia fans and a lot of hilarity.

The account toiled in twitter irrelevance for about day and @FanSince09 was peddling the parody account around twitter when suddenly, @ShoulderPadsGuy got a retweet from Brian Dawkins:

And then, things blew up as Brian Dawkins learned the account was fake and he had been duped.

And then, bedlam.

And then amidst complete chaos, Brian Dawkins steps in.

But wait, Shaun wasn’t done yet, he felt compelled to reach out to Hugh Douglas, aka TurboBird.

Now, for those of you who don’t know, Hugh Douglas does not like being called #TurboBird

And to sum up the night:

And that’s the way it happened.

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