Report: The Eagles covet Michael Brockers

Its draft season, thats for sure. The misinformation is at an all time high (okay, maybe not but I did say it was misinformation season). If you listened to the buzz the Eagles covet Ryan Tannehill, Luke Kuechly, Fletcher Cox, Dontari Poe and Michael Brockers. Apparently, we’re set on drafting anyone if you listen to certain people. Heck, Bleacher Report writers would have you believe we’re targeting Michael Floyd and Stephon Gilmore! WE ARE GOING TO DRAFT EVERYONE.

But one guy with just a little credibility dropped this scoop a couple days back. Jason La Canfora wrote that the Eagles covet Michael Brockers:

NFL Network insider Jason La Canfora reported Thursday that both the Cowboys and Eagles could be eyeing LSU defensive tackle Michael Brockers in the first round. Dallas (picking 14th) and Philadelphia (one pick later) are both very high on Brockers and both have needs along their interior line.

“Teams see a lot of value in Brockers, you can move him around like a Richard Seymour-type,” La Canfora told Around The League. “Dallas and Philly have spent a lot of time with him.”


La Canfora then proceeds to note that either team could move up for him by putting together a deal with St. Louis, Arizona or Buffalo. He doesn’t not that Jacksonville and Carolina could also be potential trade partners as both are reportedly more than willing to trade down.

Michael Brockers has been training with Pete Jenkins this offseason and if that name sounds familiar, its because he used to coach our defensive line under Jim Johnson before he retired from the NFL. That’s certainly an interesting dynamic. He left on his own terms from the team and there seemingly wasn’t any bad blood between Jenkins and Reid. If Reid wanted some information on Brockers he’d just have to dial up his old pal Pete Jenkins.

And the only defensive tackle that Jim Washburn ever took in the first round was Albert Haynesworth out of Tennessee. Haynesworth played under John Chavis at UT and Michael Brockers played for John Chavis on LSU the past three years. That is probably just a coincidence but its an interesting little note.



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