A Mock Draft – Just For Funzies

1 – Indianapolis Colts – Andrew Luck QB Stanford
-He really is Peyton Manning part two, his intelligence is just off the charts. I remember reading that Luck would call three plays and then depending on what the defense showed him he’d choose one. That’s Manning level stuff. He’s going to be a problem in the NFL for opposing defenses. And unlike Manning, Luck is actually athletic and he moves really well for a QB. This guy is a mortal lock to be a franchise QB unless something goes horribly, horribly awry.

2 – Washington Redskins – Robert Griffin QB Baylor
-The Redskins draft the flavor of the month, Robert Griffin shot up in the draft with a huge Heisman season and the Redskins jump all over the charismatic athlete and make him the face of their franchise. He’s got a really good arm and he’s a heck of a scrambler too but he’s got some development to do. He could be an all-pro if he puts it all together and the Redskins could hit a home run shot. Personally I think that he’s a little skittish in the pocket and that his accuracy drops a lot when you get pressure. And another thing you notice when watching Griffin is that he take a lot of unnecessary punishment, he holds onto the ball, he doesn’t slide, he runs the ball quite a bit and as noble as it is to try and block, it isn’t smart and this is all especially concerning when you realize that Griffin already has already torn his ACL once. I think Robert Griffin is the next QB in the long line of super athletic QBs who are good players but they never quite nail down the mental part of the game. He’ll make some highlights though and he’ll put people in the seats.

3 – Minnesota Vikings – Morris Claiborne CB LSU
-The Vikings throw the first curve ball, Claiborne is a big time corner with a really good all around skill set and really smooth athleticism. Claiborne can play press and off coverage in both man and zone. He locates the ball in the air and he makes some really nice interceptions. He could develop into a shut down corner for the Vikings and they need one in a division where they face Rodgers, Cutler and Stafford and their barrage of weapons two times a year.

4 – Cleveland Browns – Trent Richardson RB Alabama
-The first big mistake of the draft, the Browns pass on Ryan Tannehill in favor of Trent Richardson. Don’t get me wrong, Richardson is a hell of a player but when Tannehill is leading a winning team it’ll look bad for the losing Browns regardless of the fact that Richardson is putting up 1400+ yards a season. Passing the ball wins football games, running the ball does not.

5 – Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Luke Kuechly LB Boston College
-The Bucs have a GAPING hole in the middle of their defense and they fill it up with one of the best linebackers to come out in a while. Kuechly isn’t a flashy player who makes tons of big hits and all sorts of sacks but he is super intelligent, he’ll lead your defense, he’ll make stops and he’ll shut down the middle of the field in coverage. The Buccaneers just added a beast who is going to anchor that defense for at least the next decade.

6 – St. Louis Rams – Matt Kalil OT USC
-The Rams can’t send this pick in fast enough. Matt Kalil might play a little uninspired at times but no one will tell you that he doesn’t have talent. Sam Bradford got KILLED last year and he desperately needs to be kept healthy if this Rams team is going to go anywhere.

7 – Jacksonville Jaguars – Stephon Gilmore CB South Carolina
-The Jaguars never take the beaten path, ever. ESPN is screaming about Justin Blackmon but the Jaguars keep their heads and draft Gilmore, the super athletic corner from South Carolina. He hasn’t put it all together yet but if he does, watch out because he has the athleticism, size and physicality to be a lockdown corner.

8 – Miami Dolphins – Ryan Tannehill QB Texas A&M
-The Dolphins just hit the jackpot.

9 – Carolina Panthers – Fletcher Cox DL Mississippi State
-The middle of the Panthers defense is super soft and completely devoid of talent so they lock up the second coming of Bryant Young.

10 – Buffalo Bills – Dre Kirkpatrick CB Alabama
-The Bills pass defense was one of the worst in the NFL last year and if they want to overtake Tom Brady and the Patriots, they have to improve their pass defense. This is where Dre Kirkpatrick comes in. Dre Kirkpatrick isn’t the dynamic athlete that Gilmore is but he’s got length, strength and he’s the most physical corner in the draft by far (he’ll knock you out). He’s a super hyped up, energetic player who plays with “swag” and if he doesn’t workout at corner, he has all-pro potential as a free safety.

11 – Kansas City Chiefs – Dontari Poe NT Memphis
-The Chiefs finally get their nose tackle.

12 – Seattle Seahawks – Justin Blackmon WR Oklahoma State
-Justin Blackmon slides and the Seahawks snatch him up. The Seahawks run a west coast offense that suits Justin Blackmon and he’d help Matt Flynn along by providing him with an extremely physical target who can catch the ball like no other. They signed Sidney Rice last year and they have Mike Williams but neither of them are very consistent and they showed almost nothing last year.

13 – Arizona Cardinals – Cordy Glenn OT Georgia
-Its no secret, Russ Grimm likes the big boys for his power blocking scheme and who bigger than the 6’5″ and 350 pounder from Georgia? Glenn has all world ability and with some motivation he could be a Jason Peters type force at LT.

14 – Dallas Cowboys – Michael Brockers DT LSU
-The Cowboys run a 3-4 defense and at 6’5″ and 320 pounds with stellar two gap ability, Brockers is a perfect fit.

15 – Philadelphia Eagles – Melvin Ingram DEF South Carolina
-The Eagles add another pass rusher who can wreak havoc on opposing passers.

16 – New York Jets – Courtney Upshaw LB Alabama
-In my opinion, Upshaw will be the best pass rusher to come out of this draft. He’s really physical, he plays with great leverage, he’s athletic enough and he has violent hands. He’s not the sort of player you want dropping into coverage a whole lot but moving forward, he’s a violent player. He reminds me of Tamba Hali.

17 – Cincinnati Bengals – David DeCastro OG Stanford
The best guard in the draft falls because of low positional value, DeCastro is smart, he can mirror defensive tackles in pass protection, he can create movement while run blocking and he’s an absolutely stellar pulling guard.

18 – San Diego Chargers – Mark Barron S Alabama
-The Chargers need a strong safety and they’re supposedly smitten with Mark Barron. Barron is a big, hulking strong safety who is adequate in coverage but stellar in run support and by all accounts he’s a solid guy in between the ears.

19 – Chicago Bears – Chandler Jones DE Syracuse
-Best pick of the first round? Maybe. The value and need  line up perfectly. Chandler Jones is a good athlete at 6’5″ and nearly 270 pounds and he’s still learning, he could be a Jason Pierre-Paul or Aldon Smith type presence down the line. And the Bears need a pass rusher across from Julius Peppers. Its a match made in heaven.

20 – Tennessee Titans – Whitney Mercilus DE Illinois
-OVERRATED! CLAPCLAPCLAPCLAPCLAP! Mercilus put up big sack numbers but he’s a stiff player who wasn’t consistent and wasn’t really a guy who wrecked opposing offensive lines, he just happened to total 16 sacks. He’s pretty quick and long but thats really it, he probably wasn’t the best player on the Illinois defensive line but the Titans desperately need a pass rusher.

21 – Cincinnati Bengals – Michael Floyd WR Notre Dame
-The Bengals need a possession receiver to compliment AJ Green so they draft Michael Floyd. Floyd is a big receiver who isn’t overly fast and he’s going to have to beat NFL corners physically. He’s not the most agile of guys, he’s had weight issues, he’s injury prone and he’s had alcohol problems in the past. He’s not nearly as safe of a prospect as he’s being made out to be. I could easily envision a Reggie Williams type career for this guy (aka short).

22 – Cleveland Browns – Kendall Wright WR Baylor
-The Browns add another playmaker on offense. Kendall Wright didn’t run well at the combine but he put up a nice 4.42 time at his pro-day and if you watch his tape, he’s a guy who stretches the field. He’s explosive, physical and he’s a really emotional and fiery guy. You see Wright flying by guys on tape and laying out to catch balls. I really think he’s comparable to Steve Smith (the Carolina version). Wright is a really good player who is going to make an impact in Cleveland along with Trent Richardson.

23 – Detroit Lions – Riley Reiff OL Iowa
-The Lions add a franchise left tackle to help keep Matt Stafford healthy. People say that Reiff isn’t athletic and that he has dinosaur arms but those people are crazy. Reiff is better than Bulaga was at Iowa and his arms are 33″ long, average length. He’s fundamentally sound, he’s relentless and he’s mean. He’s Matt Light Jr.

24 – Pittsburgh Steelers – Dont’a Hightower LB Alabama
-A perfect fit for what the Steelers do, Hightower hits like a mack truck and playing in a 3-4 covers up his flaws perfectly. He’ll replace James Farrior. Hardest hitter in the draft.

25 – Denver Broncos – Jerel Worthy DT Michigan State
-The Broncos need a defensive tackle because Bunkley skipped town and the best one left is Worthy. Worthy is a thickly built, low to the ground defensive tackle with really good quickness. He has all sorts of ability and with his combination of quickness, anticipation and nastiness he could become a pass rushing force with some added coaching.

26 – Houston Texans – Stephen Hill WR Georgia Tech
-The Texans are a perfect fit for Stephen Hill. He won’t be relied upon as a #1 target early because of Andre Johnson which gives him time to develop his craft before defenses start to focus on him. Their passing game uses a lot of vertical concepts which suits a long strider with 4.36 deep speed like Hill. And the Texans are a team that is dedicated to the running game and Stephen Hill is a very good run blocker from the wide receiver spot. Match made in heaven.

27 – New England Patriots – Shea McClellin LB Boise State
-The Patriots run a traditional, conservative defense, they ask more of their outside linebackers in coverage than most 3-4/hybrid defenses, they ask them to set the edge in the run game and they don’t move their outside linebackers around a whole lot. Bill Belichick has to see shades of Mike Vrabel in Shea. He’s good dropping in coverage, he’s a voracious run supporter and his speed around the edge is impressive.

28 – Green Bay Packers – Bruce Irvin LB/DE West Virginia
-The most athletic pass rusher in this draft is paired with Clay Matthews. Bruce Irvin was so misused at West Virginia its ridiculous, he could become a sack master with some real coaching.

29 – Baltimore Ravens – Peter Konz OL Wisconsin
-He’ll play LG this year and move over to center when Matt Birk retires. He’s big, he’s mobile and he’s football brilliant.

30 – San Francisco 49ers – Kevin Zeitler OG Wisconsin
-The 49ers really didn’t run the ball well up the middle last year and their guards aren’t as good as advertised so they draft the hard nosed, consistent Zeitler to help shore up the middle of their offensive line and create more running room for Frank Gore, Kendall Hunter and Brandon Jacobs.

31 – New England Patriots – Casey Hayward CB Vanderbilt 
-A super quick zone corner with really good ball skills, if he doesn’t go to the Patriots here I suspect he’ll go to them in the second if he makes it to them.

32 – New York Giants – Bobby Massie OT Ole Miss 
-Kareem McKenzie is gone, David Diehl sucks and Will Beatty is average. Massie is a big, athletic college right tackle who could shore up the right side of the Giants line immeadiately and potential move to the left side in time.

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