McNabb Is Complaining

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I get kind of scared every time McNabb opens his mouth. The guy was a heck of a QB and he did great things for the Eagles and the Philadelphia community but please Donovan, stop talking. It seems like everything that comes out of his mouth these days is passive agressive, woe is me type stuff. He complains about Mike Shannahan. He complains about the Eagles spending money and how he only got one of the best receivers in NFL history before he and TO screwed it up.

Donovan needs to focus on the good things. He keeps trying to justify not winning the big one and make excuses for his shortcomings. Its almost like he forgot that he was a really good NFL player. He needs to remember the things he did do and when he played well and stop acknowledging the people who pick him apart. He needs to remember that there are more people who support and respect him than there are people who hate him.


One Response to McNabb Is Complaining
  1. Kyle
    March 30, 2012 | 2:25 pm

    Stuff like this almost makes me not want ESPN to keep McNabb around.