The Eagles Sign Demetress Bell

The Eagles signed Demetress Bell to a five year deal today. This move was obviously made because of the injury to Jason Peters. Bell was charged with replacing Peters when he was traded to the Eagles and now he is charged with replacing him once more. Bell was the best offensive tackle left on the market according to most people and unless he gets hurt he should be the starting left tackle for the entire season for the Eagles. Bell was a talented but raw player coming out of college and he still has that reputation a few years into his NFL career. It is expected that Bell will fit in Mudd’s scheme (which calls for more agressive pass sets and more pulling) because of his athletic abilities.

Another problem with Bell is that he hasn’t been very durable. In the past three years he has missed 17 games with various injuries. In 2009 he was put on IR with a knee injury and he struggled with shoulder and knee injuries this past season.

But he performed well this past season in the seven games he played in. Bell only allowed half of a sack last season and he commit no penalties. We’ll see if he can keep it up and maybe even improve under the best offensive line coach in the NFL (Mudd).

This means that unless we get hit with another injury the tackles on the roster should be Demetress Bell, Todd Herremans and King Dunlap. That is still a really solid group that should allow Michael Vick to survive. Bell is a capable starter when healthy, Todd Herremans is a good right tackle and King Dunlap is a very solid swing tackle who can play either spot in a pinch. Considering how unprepared the Eagles were for a Jason Peters injury they have put together a nice B plan in a hurry.

Oh and Bell should be a nice addition to the Eagles’ rec basketball team, he is the son of NBA great Karl Malone. But Malone and Bell haven’t ever had a real father-son relationship because Karl Malone is kind of a jerk (google it).


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