In A Cruel, Cruel World

It was horrific. It was the sort of season you tell your grand children about when they think their team is having a bad year. They were the worst of times. You know how something bad isn’t so bad when you’re expecting it? Like when you go to a scary movie you hardly ever get scared because you know that it’s going to be scary so you’re expecting it?  Or when you see your company going downhill and you brace yourself for your *ahem* termination? It’s still awful and heartbreaking but you sort of saw it coming. Do you know what I’m talking about? Good, because it wasn’t like that at all.

Fresh off of trouncing the Browns, Ravens and Cardinals the Eagles were flying high heading into their against the Giants. ESPN has them ranked top five in their power rankings and there is no reason for them to stop rising. NFL Network is hyping them up as contenders. Giants fans were so scared that they’re constantly talking about their superbowl rings like they matter. And everyone was wondering, can Michael Vick and the Eagles win the superbowl? And their questions were answered on September 30th. It was September 30th, 2012 when it happened.

Michael Vick threw an absolute bomb down the sideline to DeSean Jackson who appeared to be off to the races. But thanks to a little showmanship from DeSean Jackson, Prince Amukamara caught up and ripped the ball loose. Prince recovered the ball and takes off  down the right sideline when suddenly, just in the corner of the frame, you see Mark Herzlich make contact with Michael Vick. Shortly after Prince runs out of bounds, NBC cuts to a shot of Vick laying on the field, “Michael Vick is down on the field after the play. We’ll update you after the break”. Sure enough, after the break NBC replays the Vick hit and it shows Herzlich picking Vick up right in between the shoulders, lifting him off of his feet and plowing him shoulder first into the turf. But the real update comes after halftime when Al Michaels tells us all that Michael Vick is not returning to the game. Mike Kafka comes in and the Eagles lose the game.

On Wednesday, the story leaks: Michael Vick fractured his right shoulder, clavicle (collar bone), damaged his rotator cuff, has a neck sprain and a pretty gnarly concussion. He’ll need surgery on his shoulder and he’ll be out for the season. Heartbreak.

Predictably, the Eagles struggle without Michael Vick and after the season Andy Reid is fired. Howie Roseman hits the reset button and moves Michael Vick, a now 33 year old QB who hasn’t played a full season since 2006. And with their top five pick, the Eagles select the USC golden boy, Heisman winner and national champion Matt Barkley.

The new face of the franchise.

And suddenly, after all Andy Reid and his teams had done, the Eagles are back to square one. What a cruel, cruel world. All it took was an injury to Michael Vick and the Eagles’ season went up in smoke and the hopes of every Eagles fan were absolutely demolished.


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