Brian Dawkins retires from the NFL

Brian Dawkins, one of the greatest safeties in NFL history just retired from the NFL on twitter. I’m thrilled that I don’t have to see him in that horrible Bronco orange but I’m sad that my favorite player ever is leaving the NFL. Here is what Dawkins had to say:

The Lord has blessed me to play in the NFL for 16 years. I would like to thank the Eagles & the Broncos 4 believing In me. I would like 2 thank all my teammates & Coaches that I have been blessed 2 go to battle with. Along with u, the fans 4 helping make my career 1 that i have enjoyed tremendously. In other words. I am announcing my retirement from the NFL. #BBTB

I’m so happy to have watched Brian Dawkins play football. Years from now I’ll be a cranky old grandpa that bemoans the current state of the NFL and I’ll tell the youngsters all about Brian Dawkins and what he stood for. He was just a football player but he was more than that, wasn’t he? Listening to him speak was nothing less than a religious experience. He was always respectful. He was inspiring. He was hard working. He pulled no punches. And he cared, he cared about how well he played, how well the team played and how the fans were doing. Brian Dawkins isn’t just a football player, he’s a top notch person that just happened to play football and he did it well enough to become a Philadelphia icon. He’s the epitome of what a football player should act like on and off the field. He’s mentioned in the same breath as Chuck Bednarik, Reggie White and Steve Van Buren and he deserves nothing less; Brian Dawkins was the single most dominant Eagle I’ve ever seen with my own eyes.

I can’t even think of a single moment that defines Brian Dawkins’ career. Brian Dawkins is a transcendent football player that needs to be immortalized in the hallowed halls of Canton’s Pro Football Hall of Fame. He is an all time great on the field and he was a great person off of it too. Brian Dawkins was the heart and soul of a defense that helped propel the Eagles to 10 playoff wins in the 2000s. He was a player that played a huge role in setting up the foundation of a winning franchise with leadership ability and his take no prisoners mentality on the field.

So all I can say is this:
Thank you Brian Dawkins. Thank you for caring. Thank you for leaving your heart and soul on the field every game. Thank you for sacrificing your well being over and over again. Thank you for laying out Crumpler. Thank you for all the years that you dedicated to the Eagles. Thank you for everything B-Dawk, it was a blast. I’ll see you in Canton five years from now.

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