Blind Side Blinders

With the news that Peters tore his achilles the idea of Herremans shifting to left tackle popped up. However, some people are completely blinded in regards to Herremans moving over because he plays on the “blind side”. There are a couple of reasons why these people are wrong.

1. Precedent

-If putting your best player on the blind side was really the priority, why has Jason Peters been playing left tackle for Michael Vick over the past two and a half years? When Peters and Dunlap were out, the Eagles moved Herremans to left tackle and put Winston Justice at right tackle. Surely no one here is prepared to argue that Winston Justice is better than Herremans. The Eagles play their best tackle on the left side for a number of reasons and thats the way its always been and the way it should be.

2. Pass Rushers

-Do you know how many starting left handed QBs there are in the NFL? One. Michael Vick. The only other notable lefty is Tim Tebow. That means for the other 31 teams the left side of the line is the “blind side”. Teams put their best pass rusher on the right side of their defense because of this. They do not flip their defensive ends for one week only. Some players are more comfortable on their respective side and it changes their responsibilities on the line, teams simply won’t flip their players for one game. The left tackle has always and will continue to face the opposing team’s best pass rusher a majority of the time. Obviously there are a few exceptions (Charles Johnson most notably) but 24 of the top 30 players in sacks played a majority of their snaps on the right side of the defense (going against the left tackle). Obviously you’d like to negate the opposing teams best pass rusher so you put your best lineman on them. Logic’d.

3. “The Sight Side”

-Everyone makes such a huge deal about the blind side but what about the sight side? You don’t think having to watch a 270 pound man barrel down on you might throw a wrench into things? I don’t know about you but I’d more scared of the guy I could see gunning for me. And we all know how skittish Michael Vick can be in the pocket, pressure off the frontside really gets to him.

4. The Strong Side

-More often than not the right side ends up being the side the tight end lines up on, thus it is the strong side. Because of this you can afford the right tackle pass blocking help while limiting your offense less. So this means that if your right tackle struggles, you can help them more easily which suggests that your best tackle on the left side and put your second best tackle against the second best pass rusher where you can help them more easily. More logic’d.

I’m not saying Herremans will move but ruling it out simply because he plays the “blind side” is kind of silly.

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