Wait A Second…

Remember when KC Joyner said that Michael Vick was lucky? Joyner said that Michael Vick had 31 near interceptions and interceptions. Like I said earlier, I don’t trust a guy that goes through and gathers all the stats on his own, singles out players to focus on, creates talking points for page hits and then writes with a clear agenda and bias. If you need any further proof that this guy is a hack, FootballOutsiders (far more respected) posted how many interceptions were dropped for each QB through week 12.

Anybody care to take a guess at how many dropped interceptions Vick had through week 12? 3. Which means that when combined with Vick’s 5 real interceptions, Vick’s magical INT+NrInt rate was 8. So unless Vick managed to throw 23 near interceptions and interceptions in the last 4 weeks of the season, KC Joyner is wrong.

And with that, Iggles Nest is done talking about Mr. Joyner. I’ll have some pre-season stuff up early tomorrow morning for you guys.

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