Props, Flops and Looking Back: Falcons Edition

I feel the same way Mike, I feel the same way...

TEAR THE THING DOWN, THE EAGLES LOST AND THE REDSKINS ARE IN FIRST PLACE! THERE IS NO HOPE! Rex Grossman totally called the Redskins winning the division, RIGHT?! A team with Rex Grossman, Tim Hightower and Jabar Gaffney is ahead of the “Dream Team”, sound the alarms! Well, if you watch ESPN and the NFL Network, yes. If you live in reality, no. It’s only week two. Nevermind. The Redskins whooped up on a hobbled Giants team and the Cardinals. Whoop de doo.

As I write this I’m literally listening to NFL Network discuss whether or not the Eagles regret trading Kolb because Vick is hurt. Is that a joke? Unfortunately, it isn’t. Our third string guy came in and went 7/9 for 72 yards. His two incompletions came on a terrible drop from Maclin and a Hail Mary attempt. And we’re regretting trading Kolb? And not only that, did the guys at NFL Network not watch DRC blanket guys when Asante left the field with an injury? C’mon guys.

The better team lost on Sunday night.

How do I figure this? The Eagles combination of bad luck and mistakes (especially in the late 2ndquarter) is what forced the Eagles to lose this game. The Eagles left points on the board. The two Vick fumbles, the Vick interception and the holding on the big kick return all immediately jump to mind. Brent Celek dropped a TD pass, DeSean Jackson dropped a TD pass, Avant dropped a key third down reception and Jeremy Maclin had a perfect ball from Kafka that he let into his body and dropped. No excuses. The Eagles were beating themselves, it was a sloppy effort and the Eagles really had no business losing that game. And not only that, the Eagles were better on offense and were better on defense. The Eagles shot themselves in the foot repeatedly.

There were two big swings that knocked the Eagles out. The first was the Michael Vick turnovers late in the second half and interception in the third. Those cost the Eagles points and gift wrapped points to the Falcons by giving them fantastic field position. The second big swing came after Michael Vick got hurt, if invigorated the Falcons team. The Falcons gained 0 yards, punted the ball twice and threw an interception in the three drives before Vick got hurt and afterwards they had 160 yards and 2 TDs in two drives.

Now, to props and flops.


Trent Cole: Holy cow what a game for him. Sam Baker probably has Trent Cole’s hands imprinted in his chest. Trent Cole put him on roller skates all night, he was hitting Matt Ryan and he was crashing down the line on Michael Turner. It was ridiculous. Defensive player of the year performance from him last night, it was that good.

Cullen Jenkins: Uh… What a beast. He has 3 sacks in 2 games from the DT spot. He is getting after the QB and he is stuffing the run (the problem is the linebackers). Andy Reid has never had a DT play as well as Jenkins is playing right now. He is a monster up the middle. Jenkins is on pace for 24 sacks, he won’t get there but wow.

The corners: They did their job, that is for sure. Falcons receivers had 4 catches on the corners. The one TD grab from Roddy White falls on Kurt Coleman. 4 catches, 69 yards allowed and 2 interceptions. They were shut down.

LeSean McCoy the runner/receiver: Soooo elusive. He was making people miss all over the field. He scored two more touchdowns. LeSean McCoy now has 253 yards from scrimmage and 4 TDs. LeSean McCoy has outscored the Chiefs, Seahawks and Jaguars himself.

Jeremy Maclin: Everyone is going remember that drop but he had one hell of a game. Dominant. He showed once again that he is the best receiver on the Eagles. He had 13 catches, 171 yards and 2 TD catches. He keeps doing this thing where he’ll completely take over a game, I just wish he could do if consistently. This was his fourth game with 140+ receiving yards and his 5th career multi-touchdown game. He can do it all. He showed dynamic ability after the catch on short stuff and he showed the ability to get deep.

Jason Peters: Did it all, he was just pushing people around and he looked like a full back in open space. It was one of those nights were Jason Peters looked like one of the best players in the league, it was that good. He wasn’t really beaten in pass protection from what I remember and he sprung multiple good plays when asked to pull and get into space.

Mike Kafka: Was that serious? That was our third stringer? He came out, controlled the pocket, made all the right reads and was throwing perfect darts. That pass Maclin dropped was a PERFECT pass from Kafka in that situation. If he plays like that moving forward I will not lose any confidence in this team. That was just as good as I ever remember Kolb ever playing and far better than Kolb ever played when asked to take over the game for McNabb/Vick. QB of the future for the Eagles or just another illusion (Feeley, Kolb)? Who knows but it’s nice to even have to ask that question.

Jason Kelce: Jamaal Jackson who? Kelce is killing it. Very impressive.


Michael Vick: Seriously Vick? You turned the ball over 3 times and you still cannot identify the blitz to save your life. Michael Vick is his own worst enemy. The Offensive Line is taking care of their guys but Vick can’t recognize blitzers and adjust the protection and thus he gets killed.

LeSean McCoy The Blocker: He has been pretty bad so far, he was responsible for the shot that got Vick knocked out.

Jason Babin: He brings energy and all that good stuff and he is a good pass rusher but the penalties have to stop. I’m recalling two from last night just off the top of my head, there may have been more. And he commit a penalty last week that cost the Eagles a third down conversion too. A little discipline please.

Kurt Coleman: He isn’t doing much in run support and he is getting burnt in coverage. What happened to the guy we saw in the pre-season?

Jarrad Page: Beaten like a red-headed step child by Tony Gonzalez and he took some pretty bad angles in run support. A big down week after a solid week one.

The Linebackers: My god they’re all terrible. Jamar Chaney was getting killed in coverage (last week too) and he missed the tackle on Turner on the TD run. They’re all getting eaten up in run support by blockers. Was Moise Fokou even on the field? Casey Matthews is getting better though, he still needs to take on blockers better though and I saw him being taken for extra yardage by Michael Turner. Rough, rough linebacker situation on the Eagles.

Andy Reid’s trick plays: Did we really need all that?

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  1. Anonymous
    September 21, 2011 | 11:59 pm

    Great job. Pretty much agree. I see Kafka as another 2nd or 3rd rounder in the future.