Props and Flops: Giants Edition

Why is this so late? Because I had to take time to gather my thoughts. I was so mad after Sunday that I think I would’ve regretted anything I wrote after that. I honestly think I was madder about that loss than I was about anything last year. Maybe it was because it was to the Giants? Perhaps it was the completely pathetic effort on nearly every level? Or maybe the pain of this loss was amplified by losing two weeks in a row? It was probably a combination of all 3. Point is, I was mad. And the Giants afterwards only made me angrier.

Maybe I shouldn’t have been? Perhaps I should’ve tempered my expectations? After all, there were a lot of changes made. Was it realistic to expect the team to come sprinting out of the gate? In hindsight, probably not. BUT I do think that things should be better than they are considering the talent we accumulated. The linebacker situation isn’t something I see magically improving. Our safety situation isn’t going to solve itself overnight. Michael Vick needs to take care of the football. We need to force the safeties to play closer to the line. Andy Reid needs to start making better decisions. A lot of stuff needs to improve if we’re going to win it all and compete with the likes of the Packers.


Asante Samuel: Asante Samuel is starting to prove that he might be the best player on this team. People are going to call him a zone corner and a weak tackler but damn he is good at what he does. He is the best corner on the roster at this point and it really isn’t close. He is targeted 5 times a game, allows 2 receptions a game (40% completion percentage), allows 15.34 yards a game and is allowing only 3.07 yards per target. He is second in the NFL in QB rating against (Revis is first) and he is 5th in yards allowed. He didn’t perform particularly exceptionally, it was just a continuation of his greatness that earns him props.

LeSean McCoy: I’m going to keep putting him here until he doesn’t earn it. This guy IS the Eagles’ offense at this point. He has already touched the ball 66 times. He has 394 yards from scrimmage and 5 touchdowns. By HIMSELF he is averaging 10 points a game. He was incredible against the Giants on Sunday, he was making people miss all over the place. That 11 yard TD run is something to remember, that was brilliant, the Giants’ defense looked silly there.

Trent Cole: The usual suspects were the guys who performed against New York. Trent Cole did work again and 3 weeks into the year he looks like the best 4-3 DE in the NFL. He abuses OTs in pass protection and he is the strongest run supporting end in the NFL. 10 of his 11 tackles are solo tackles, he is making stops in space, he is crashing down the line and making plays in pursuit. Trent Cole should teach the linebackers about heart, fight and tackling.

Bobby April: The only coach who wasn’t a complete disaster on Sunday so he gets the nod here. Positive reinforcement works folks!


Everyone Else: It was THAT bad. DeSean was Mr. Invisible. Maclin, Avant and Smith were largely ineffective because of issues at the QB spot. Our offensive line was getting Vick murdered. Why did we sign Ronnie Brown again? We’re not using him to pass block and we’re not using him in short yardage situations. The line got no push. Brent Celek was Brent Celek. The defensive tackles got pushed around. The linebackers were still terrible. The tackling was awful. They commit penalties at the worst times. The play calling was questionable in my opinion. It was just a bad showing on nearly every level.


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