Immediate Reaction: Eagles move Todd Herremans to RT

As first reported by Les Bowen, LG Todd Herremans is being moved to RT.

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There hasn’t been stability at the RT position for the Eagles in awhile. At the beginning of training camp this year, veteran starter Winston Justice was projected to be the starter at RT. Due to the knee-injury he suffered last season, however, he’s still hasn’t been healthy enough to get back on the field. The Eagles signed RT Ryan Harris, formerly from the Broncos, to challenge as a starter at RT, but he hasn’t been able to stay healthy either (back spasms). It was later confirmed that Harris is going to require back surgery. RT King Dunlap has been able to stay healthy, but he hasn’t impressed the Eagles enough to be the starter. Dunlap has shown that he can be an effective backup, but he seems far from an ideal option to be a 16-game+ starter. Reggie Wells, recently re-signed by the Eagles, has shown a decent performance at RT (although only against backups in the preseason), but most likely isn’t a guy you want to be your starting RT either.

The best remaining option was moving LG Todd Herremans to RT. Although this move splits up the dominant combination of LT Jason Peters and Herremans on the left side, the move fills an even greater need. Protecting Vick’s blindside is a critical objective for the Eagles, especially in the Eagles passing-friendly offense. It should be noted that there’s no guarantee that Todd will be a great starter for the Eagles at RT. It’s likely that he does a decent job, since he has the athleticism and previous (although limited) experience* at the position, but the Eagles will have to wait and see if the move pays off. *(Herremans has started five games at tackle in his career, all on the left side. Four came his rookie year, one in ’09. H/T @Tim_McManus)

Taking over at LG will be newly acquired lineman Evan Mathis. Hopefully Mathis can be a solid starter at LG. He’s showed some promise in his career recently, with no sacks allowed in 700+ snaps the last 2 seasons. (H/T JimmyK from BGN)

With Jason Kelce seemed to be locked in at 1st team Center, the Eagles starting offensive line looks like this:

LT Peters – LG Mathis – C Kelce – RG Watkins – RT Herremans

That is an offensive line I currently feel confident in. It’s the best line that we can put out there based on the players we already have. It’s the one that highly-praised offensive line coach Howard Mudd wants out on the field. Let’s see how they do when the games start.


2 Responses to Immediate Reaction: Eagles move Todd Herremans to RT
  1. Anonymous
    August 28, 2011 | 5:15 pm

    I think the success of the move is dependent of the play of Watkins and Kelce, the two rookies, if they struggle so will Herremans playing a position that he’s rusty at. Teams might try to bring extra pressure to the right side.

    • BG
      August 28, 2011 | 11:09 pm

      That might be true, but it could also work the other way… meaning that moving Todd to RT might provide stability there which will end up helping Watkins and Kelce. Todd being rusty at T could be an issue to watch. It seems like he wanted this move to happen (saw him say “Ask and you shall receive” on twitter), so that’s certainly a good sign. You could certainly be right about teams bringing extra pressure to the right though. Until Todd proves he can improve the line there, it’s a weak spot that opposing teams will be looking to attack.