The Eagles Stock Exchange

Darryl Tapp Is Going UP

"Man, my stock just keeps going up! Look at that thing!"

In honor of the ever fluctuating stock market I thought I would make a post about the Eagles first pre-season game with stocks. In this post, we’ll examine who’s stock went up and who’s stock went down. If you don’t see them its probably because their stock didn’t change at all.

For those Eagles fans who are living under a rock, lets recap. The Eagles took the field on Thursday night and the defense was dealing. Did playing Tyrod Taylor help? Sure, but I’ll take what I can get after watching Sean McDermott’s crew at work last year.

For those who weren’t sure how much the addition of Jim Washburn would affect us, look no further than last night. The defensive line was making all kinds of plays. They had 5 sacks, probably at least a dozen QB hits and few handfuls of hurries. It was surreal, if the QB was anyone other than Tyrod Taylor the defense would’ve racked up at least 7 or 8 sacks, at least.

So without much more talking, lets examine the Philadelphia Eagles Stock Exchange.

Stocks Going UP 

The Eagles Defensive Ends: All of them. Seriously. Trent Cole had a TFL and a sack. Jason Babin had 2 hurries, one where he forced a throw away and another where he forced Flacco into Cole. Darryl Tapp had a monster game where he had 2 sacks, more hurries and some stops against the run. Even fresh of the waiver wire Chris Wilson got in on the action, he was bringing the heat off the edge with impressive quickness. Wilson got numerous hurries, a QB hit on the almost-interception by Colt Anderson and he was one of three Eagles to simultaneously sack Tyrod Taylor in the red-zone. Former University of Houston and CFL star, Phillip Hunt had a heck of a game too. When I rewatched the game Hunt had 3 hurries, 1 QB hit and 1 sack. The pressure that Hunt got on Tyrod Taylor on one play down in the redzone contributed greatly to the Jarrad Page interception.

Derek Landri: He played like a madman. If you look at the stat sheet you’ll see that he had 2 tackles and 1 sack. He was wreaking havoc on the interior of the Ravens defensive line with impressive energy, hustle and quickness. Prior to this game I had written Landri off as a camp body because of the depth at DT for the Eagles. Afterwards I’m thinking that he clearly outplayed Anthony Hargrove and is the leader in the clubhouse for the fourth DT spot if Mike Patterson can’t go.

Jaiquawn Jarrett: Rumor had it that Jarrett hadn’t been a standout at Lehigh, well I guess we can start calling Jarrett a gamer because he had himself a nice game last night. Was he the second coming of Dawk like some anointed him? Not exactly but it was a promising showing for him and it puts him right back in the thick of things in the battle for a starting safety spot. There were three instances where Jarrett caught my eye. First when he made the interception and had the nice return. Second when Lindley got lost in coverage and Jarrett came in over the top and saved what could’ve been a reception (and the receiver let up, he didn’t want any of that). And finally on a run play where he was blocked up, the play passed him and he fought the block off and managed to catch up to the ball carrier and shove him out of bounds. But like many of the defensive backs, he wasn’t tested much because of the pressure the DL was putting on the rookie back-up Tyrod Taylor.

Curtis Marsh: Its really tough to tell how well corners are playing sometimes because they’re off the screen but to the best of my knowledge, I thought Marsh did well. He missed a tackle but he wasn’t tested in coverage all that much. On the Jarrett interception he was all over Torrey Smith like white on rice. Seriously, Marsh looked like he was running the route with Smith. Based on that play alone and the fact that he only gave up one reception (by my count), I think he did well.

Brian Rolle & Keenan Clayton: I liked what I saw from both of them. Both are safety/linebacker ‘tweeners and it showed on Thursday in coverage, neither of them really let up anything in coverage except for a couple grabs by the TEs that they had to work for. Both of them got pressure when they blitzed and both were quick and athletic showing sideline to sideline ability. I think that both of them bring a unique skill set to the table that is going to allow Juan Castillo to get creative this year. Oh and Brian Rolle can hit, he showed some nice pop and on a hit on Dennis Pitta you could hear the crack of his helmet colliding with Pitta’s pads clearly on the TV.

Chad Hall: Most people wrote him off this off season, especially after they signed Steve Smith. But Chad Hall says “Not so fast!” because once again he put on an impressive showing when given play time. He looked just like he did in week 17 against Dallas last year. Somehow this little guy is always open it seems like. He seems to really excel at finding soft spots in zone coverage. And he made some nice grabs over the middle too. Hall is scrappy little guy after the catch too. Don’t write him off. Remember that last year was his rookie season. He fills a lot of roles on this team as a WR, situational RB and reliable return man. Don’t sleep on Chad Hall, he is reminiscent of another guy who passed through Philly a few years back: Danny Amendola.

Donald Lee: Donald Lee made a couple grabs. I still think the Eagles are going to keep Harbor over Lee but if Lee keeps performing like he did last night, it might get interesting.

Stocks Going Down

Joselio Hanson: This guy might have the most pressure on him out of any of the defensive backs because he has to know that if he doesn’t play very well, he’ll be shown the door. He was by far the worst prominent CB on the field last night, he let up a couple of receptions which is more than Marsh or Lindley let up. With Hanson making as much money as he does and the Eagles having as much CB talent as they do, I would expect Hanson to be cut or traded by the start of the season.

Jason Kelce: Did he play bad? No. Did he play like someone competing for a starting job? No. He was beaten once or twice in pass protection by Arthur Jones. There were times where he was just standing there and not blocking anyone. And if you need a push up the middle, Kelce is absolutely not your guy, especially when going against Terrence “Mount” Cody. There were no mishaps snapping the ball or anything but he isn’t a guy who looks like he should be starting on day 1. He is definitely quick though, he got to the second level in a hurry a few times.

Austin Howard: Howard had a rough, rough night. Paul Kruger gave Howard everything he could handle. Howard looked pretty bad.

Mike McGlynn: McGlynn was a complete non-factor in every phase of the game. It looks like he is clearly the #4 OG on this team behind Todd Herremans, Danny Watkins and Evan Mathis. McGlynn has a tough fight ahead of him, especially considering all the talent the Eagles have at other spots that the Eagles could keep and force Mike off the roster in a numbers game.

Stanley Havili: Mr. Invisible, I don’t even think he saw any offensive snaps.

Jorrick Calvin: What did Calvin do well? Nothing. He got beat in coverage and he whiffed on a few tackles. And Calvin’s spot on the roster was completely dependent on his ability to return kicks so the new kick off rules should make it a lock for Calvin to be shown the door.

The Linebacker Depth: The Eagles spent the majority of the game in the nickel package. The fact that the Eagles want to utilize all the talent they’ve acquired in the nickel package  spells bad news for the linebackers that are on the bubble. With the Eagles going with a nickel package a lot they won’t need as many linebackers and thus they’ll go thin at linebacker.

The Return Specialists: Bye Johnnie-Lee Higgins. Bye Sinorice Moss. Bye Derrick Locke. Bye Graig Cooper. Bye Jorrick Calvin. The new kick off rules just killed off a big part of what you all bring to the team.

2 Responses to The Eagles Stock Exchange
  1. Anonymous
    August 12, 2011 | 5:21 pm

    That just kills players chances around the league that use KR as a way to make teams. Might as well put Cullen Jenkins back there to watch the ball go out of bounds. 

    Kyle, do you think that kickers may stating going for hang-time and less distance to pin guys inside of the 20 or will they just be safe?

  2. Eagles Fans
    August 12, 2011 | 9:43 pm

    I think Havali might have had one carry for 0-1 yards.. not sure though.