Delusion In Dallas

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Haters to the left. Haters to the right. Haters everywhere! If you gathered all the NFL players and coaches in one room you could probably throw a pen and hit someone who has an issue with what the Eagles have done. Mario Manningham says, “”We don’t put nobody on a pedestal. We treat all our opponents the same even if they got a hundred dream teams it don’t matter.” Hakeem Nicks says that he “Can’t wait” to play the Eagles (paging Bart Scott!). Even Donovan McNabb has weighed in and per his expert analysis “The Eagles have problems…”. But that’s all well and good, I’m not expecting players to bow down to us and if the Giants weren’t pumped about playing the Eagles I would be worried about them. But one team in particular has gone off the deep end: The Dallas Cowboys.




We’ll start with DeMarcus Ware…

“So [Asomugha] is going to Philly? They always have good corners. Good for him. He’s going to a great team in the NFC East. We’ll see him, but our guys here are just as good. Terence Newman’s been to the Pro Bowl. Mike Jenkins has been to the Pro Bowl. They’re just as good.”

Excuse me? I’m not quite sure that I heard you over my laughter. What’d you say?

“They’re just as good”

The Dallas Cowboys’ top 3 corners are Terrence Newman, Mike Jenkins and Orlando Scandrick, the same as last year. Somebody remind DeMarcus how well those three played last year. Last year the Dallas secondary allowed 243 passing yards a game (26th in the NFL), 33 passing touchdowns last season (Worst) and they allowed opposing passers to complete 64.4% of passes (26th in the NFL).

Unfortunately we can’t compare them as units because the Eagles’ corners haven’t played together. So, let’s compare individual stats.

Name Nnamdi Asomugha Asante Samuel Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie
Targets 33 41 90
Completions 12 19 56
Yards Allowed 205 149 814
TDs Allowed 0 2 4
Interceptions 0 7 3
Passes Defended 6 14 17

Impressive right? DeSean Jackson had more yards in one game against the Cowboys than Nnamdi or Asante allowed all year.

As you can see, DRC had a rough year. He was a product of a terrible supporting cast, a terrible pass rush and not playing hard on a losing team. Prior to last season, these were his numbers from the two previous years when he played on a winning team: 199 targets, 107 completions (That’s a 53% completion percentage), 13 TDs allowed, 10 interceptions and 44 passes defended.

Combined, these three have been to 8 probowls and have been named first team all pros 3 times.

Now compare that to Dallas’ top 3 corners…

Name Mike Jenkins Terrence Newman Orlando Scandrick
Targets 89 98 77
Completions 60 64 53
TDs Allowed 6 5 7
Yards Allowed 994 914 530
Interceptions 1 5 1
Pass Deflections 9 9 9


Eagles’ corners in 2010: 164 targets, 87 completions, 1168 yards allowed, 6 TDs allowed, 10 INTs and 37 passes defended.

Cowboys’ corners in 2010: 264 targets, 177 completions, 2438 yards allowed, 18 TDs allowed and 27 passes defended.

But according to DeMarcus Ware they’re just as good… Bwahaha.

And then there is the offspring of Buddy Ryan who much like Buddy, has a penchant for talking trash. Rob Ryan said:

“I’ve got three bullies over there waiting for Thursday. These are proven players, and that’s what we need. I don’t know if we win the all-hype team, I think that might have gone to somebody else, but we’re going to beat their ass when we play them.”

Bullies? Wouldn’t calling his defensive ends ‘bullies’ imply they were intimidating or scary? Well, just take a look at how well these ‘bullies’ played and I’m sure that you’ll be terrified.

Name Marcus Spears Kenyon Coleman Jason Hatcher
Tackles 19 68 13
Stuffs 1 1 1
Sacks 0 2.5 1
QB Hits 1 2 1
QB Hurries 1 9 5

So, who’s scared? Oh that’s right, nobody. Coleman is a journeyman defensive end that is just a mediocre stop gap starter and Hatcher has started 1 game in his 6 years in the NFL. The only guy that does anything even remotely well is Marcus Spears and his play against the run.

These guys aren’t quite deserving of being called ‘bullies’ or ‘solid players’. But I guess that’s just what you do in Dallas, talk your team up even if there is no reason to do so.

But this is the part that gets me, Rob Ryan calls the Eagles the all hype team. There is so much irony in this statement. Does he realize he coaches for a team that calls themselves “America’s Team”? He gets all upset about the Eagles being paper champs and being the media darling but by talking up his additions and saying he is going “whoop their ass” he is doing the EXACT same thing. Methinks that Rob Ryan might be jumping the gun just a little bit.

Last year the Eagles had the most explosive offense in the NFL, the best yardage offense in the NFC and the best scoring offense in the NFC. This offseason they’ve added Ronnie Brown, Vince Young, Danny Watkins, Ryan Harris, Evan Mathis, Sinorice Moss, Donald Lee and Johnnie Lee-Higgins. Those moves could yield 2 new starters and much improved depth all over the offense.

Rob Ryan thinks his defense is going to whoop this offense. The Dallas Cowboys had one of the worst defenses in the entire league (along with a historically bad pass defense) and now they’re suddenly supposed to be much improved because they signed a bunch of Browns cast offs and drafted Bruce Carter in the second round? I’m not a believer.

It’s okay to say that you’re not scared of the Eagles, I’d be concerned if players were coming out of the woodwork and saying how terrified they were. But going out, hyping bad players up and making statements that are so easily refutable is just crazy. Something has filled Dallas, some might confuse it with Cowboy spirit while most will recognize it as delusion. And don’t even get me started on the fans… Check out these dunderheads here, here and here.

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